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DuraCoat®, the industry's leading firearm finish, was developed as a spray-on protective coating for all types of firearms. Originally available in only a handful of colors, the DuraCoat® line has expanded to over 500 standard colors and several lines of specialty colors. DuraCoat® is a gun coating that offers protection from the elements, a professional quality look and proven durability. No other gun coating system offers such great quality. DuraCoat® has outstanding abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance.

Having trouble choosing the right DuraCoat® color for your next gun project? The DuraCoat® Color Selector makes sorting through the hundreds of colors available a simple task! Start by choosing the main color you desire for your gun, ranging from red to metallic. When you select a main color, you are given another range of choices within that color family. Select the specific DuraCoat® color you want and you’ll be taken to that color’s page!

Reds      Oranges    Yellows       Greens       Blues       Purples       Pinks       Grays        Whites        Blacks      Browns       Tans         Earths      Metallics

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